5 Reasons Gravity Forms Makes Your Current Form Plugin Look Like Crap

by admin on June 11, 2010 · 13 comments

Gravity Forms Review

I was recently looking for a forms plugin and was getting frustrated. Normally my only use for forms is as a simple contact form, but this time I needed something more robust for use on a contest site. It had to be really easy for users to submit their entries, and equally as easy for the administrators to review them. Something was going wrong with every plugin I was using, and I was about to think of other ways to make the site work.

Then I stumbled upon Gravity forms.

It was everything I was looking for, so I bought it and couldn’t be happier. I’ve narrowed down the 5 reasons that Gravity Forms is better than the form plugin you’re using, and I’m going to go into them quickly here:


This is the biggest difference between free and premium anything and why I gladly pay for most things I use. If you have a problem on your site, or are building a site for someone else, you probably need it fixed now. Not in a few weeks when the author gets around to messaging you back. Gravity Forms is a small operation, so there’s no phone number or anything, but you’ll get your answer fairly quickly on the support forums.

Mail services

There’s no need to use your mail service for any responses. You can see and reply to form inquiries via the WordPress dashboard. Feel like sending an autoresponse to somebody after they fill your form out? You can do that too, and you can pass information like their name to the e-mail to personalize it.

Form Scheduling and Limited Entries

Having a contest? Let people only submit entries for the contest duration. Better yet, if you’re only allowing a certain number of submissions you can set the form to expire after that many people have replied. Briliant.


I don’t work my ass off on making a website validate just to install a plugin and have it mess all that up. Gravity Forms validates strict. Nerdy stuff, but important to some of us.

And my number one favourite feature of Gravity Forms is….

Post creation

You can allow anybody to post to your blog using your form. This includes letting them fill out custom fields. This means that for a contest site, the entries can already be processed and held in Drafts for moderation, requiring only one click to put them live.

Who it’s for

Gravity Forms Contact Form Plugin for WordPress
Anybody who needs a very easy to use and robust system for forms. This could be somebody who gets contacted a lot, needs to allow user-generated content, or is setting the form up for a client.

Who it’s not for

Somebody who rarely uses forms. If you get contacted once every two months, you might not need to spend the $40. But then again, you might want to anyway for the ease of use and just in case you need support.

Buy Gravity Forms

You can buy Gravity Forms, get more information and find out more about its other features (such as conditional logic, field population, data passing etc) over at the official website.

Have any experience with Gravity Forms or know of another form software that might be better? Let us know in the comments!