The Most Important Features for Your Premium WordPress Theme

by admin on June 15, 2010 · 7 comments

Premium Wordpress Theme Features

I recently did a survey both here and on the Third Tribe forums in an attempt to figure out just what it is people want from a premium WordPress theme. We all keep creating but nobody ever really asks the question.

Every day somebody comes out with a theme with an options page that’s bigger than the previous. But is that what the customers want?

I got some great results both over here on the poll and also in the Third Tribe forums. I’m going to share the poll results with you here, first in bar form and then in a pie graph:

As you can see, the top results were as follows:

Great Design

A bit of a shocker to me, honestly. I thought more feature-oriented choices would be the highest ranked categories for premium WordPress themes. But get to Ember and Dribbble and everywhere else and look for inspiration, because great design is as important in a premium theme as it is in a free one or a custom site.

Ease of Customization

Not surprising being that the poll was posted on a Thesis-oriented site, but ease of customization came in second. People paid good money for your theme, so they’re going to want to be able to use it for their purposes.


This is my personal reason for buying premium products. Have a support forum, a phone number, or be quick to respond to e-mails as that’s one of the important extras that premium theme purchasers are looking for from you when they buy.

So in closing, make sure that your site has a great design, is useful for a wide variety of people or extremely useful for a niche, and support the product like you want everyone to succeed with it. Which you do, so that shouldn’t be too difficult. ;)

I’m going to leave you with a great quote from Chris Brogan in his response on the Third Tribe forums that sums up my personal opinion on premium products in general pretty well:

“It has to do something really well that I can’t do myself. Thesis gives me better SEO plus some really simple business execution. Press75 Video Elements makes a video heavy site really easy with just a few copy/pastes. There are lots of others that DO something for me. I don’t pay for colors. I pay for function.”

– Chris Brogan

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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