Add a Tabbed jQuery Widget to Thesis

by admin on March 30, 2012 · 0 comments

This tutorial will take you through the process of building a tabbed widget for the sidebar of the Thesis WordPress theme. There are no graphics required and everything will be done within the WordPress admin panel and custom.css. For the sake of simplicity, we will make good use of the Thesis Openhook Plugin by Rick [...]

Using the_post_thumbnail with Lightbox

Note: This is not a Thesis tutorial. When Thesis launched, WordPress didn’t have post images, so Thesis had its own method of using them and it was great. Now that WordPress has native support for them, I prefer to use that. To learn how to use the_post_thumbnail with Thesis, check out this article or this [...]

CSS Link Hovers

Links are a basic part of the Internet. They’re what keep it connected, really, so why not make these connections fun? A link hover is what happens when you hover your mouse over a link (obviously). Usually you’ll see an underline, or an underline removed, or a different colour. But there are many ways to [...]

jQuery Alert Box Thesis

The details of this tutorial only apply to people using the Thesis theme. The technique, however, can apply to anyone. So if you’re new to jQuery with any tip of website, read on. As you may know, the wonderful Thesis theme comes with some default paragraph styles. This includes styling for notes (as you can [...]

Previous Next Link Thumbnails

Almost every WordPress theme you’ll come across has support for going to the previous or next post. That’s all well and good, but in WordPress 2.9 we got the ability to have post thumbnails. Wouldn’t it be great to use thumbnails instead of or alongside our post titles? The answer is yes, it would. So [...]

Thesis Theme Tutorials

It’s been a while since 47 Customizations for the Thesis Theme was posted and there has been some great Thesis tutorials written since then. Here I’ll share some of my favourite ones.

Style Individual Wordpress Posts

It’s time for a really quick tip. With art directed posts being all the rage now, everybody wants to style everything. There are plugins and custom fields and all sorts of ways to do this, but WordPress already has two not-so-popular functions that allow you to style specific posts or pages So here they are:

Wordpress 3 Nav Menu in Thesis

WordPress 3 has a sweet new menu. Thesis already had a sweet menu. Still, some people would like to take advantage of all that this new release of WordPress offers and using the new navigation menu is one of them. Luckily it’s incredibly easy to add support for the new nav menu in Thesis.

Run Internet Explorer on Mac

Internet Explorer, as much as a lot of us despise it, has a considerable market share in the browser space. Some people even still use the defunct Internet Explorer 6 (which sucks) but even Internet Explorer 8 has its own kinks and intricacies to worry about. And up until recently it’s been hard to test [...]

Show Retweets Without a Plugin in Wordpress

Social proof is a powerful thing. Showing how many people are talking about your article on Twitter can encourage more people to talk about it, that’s a fact. Humans are silly and trusting this way. The way most people go about it is by installing some sort of a widget or plugin. Now you say, [...]