How to Easily Run Internet Explorer on Your Mac

by admin on June 9, 2010 · 30 comments

Run Internet Explorer on Mac

Internet Explorer, as much as a lot of us despise it, has a considerable market share in the browser space. Some people even still use the defunct Internet Explorer 6 (which sucks) but even Internet Explorer 8 has its own kinks and intricacies to worry about.

And up until recently it’s been hard to test a design against them if you’re using a Mac (which many designers are).

The three most popular options for testing are:

  • Run a Windows partition: Obviously this isn’t ideal as it requires a reboot every time you want to see how something looks on IE. And it costs money. And you have to support an operating system you probably don’t really support, hence your computer choice.
  • Use a website like Browsershots: Just as troublesome as I’ve never found one of these to work properly for me. They always seem incredibly slow (as they’re taking pictures on servers and sending them to you) and buggy. Not fun.
  • Have a Windows PC: This is even worse than option 1 for obvious reasons.

However, I just recently found out about a cool little program called WineBottler, and I’m going to show you how to use it to install Internet Explorer on Mac.

Install IE Mac Step 1

Download WineBottler -Drag both Wine and WineBottler to your Applications folder.

Internet Explorer on Mac Step 1

Install IE Mac Step 2

Install Internet Explorer -It’s located under “Install Predefined Prefixes”. Choose the version you’d like and click silent install if you’d like.
Run it

Install IE Mac Step 3

Yeah. That’s it – Can you believe how simple that was? I couldn’t. The performance isn’t perfect but it’s very simple to install, and now you can run Internet Explorer on your Mac with just a click of a button.

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